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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the manufacture and commercialization of our products.

Preguntas Frecuentes


How are brass fittings manufactured?

With a hot-press swaging system.

What do mean-pressure meter batteries include?

Cocks and regulators are included.

Are gas flexible connections homologated?

Yes, they are. Our flexible connections are certified and the stainless-steel double-layer connections are homologated by AENOR.

Can aluminium tubes be shaped?

We shape iron, brass, copper and aluminium tubes.

Are parts mechanized with automatic machines?

Our company has the most modern transfer machines of the market.

Do fittings comply with any regulation?

Weld-thread fittings are manufactured in accordance with standards UNE 60719 and UNE 1254-1.


What’s the procedure to place an order of gas meter cabinets or batteries?

First, you need to specify if it is a low- or mean-pressure cabinet or battery. Second, and very importantly, you need to indicate its inlet and outlet: up or down and left or right.

How can I become Alferca’s customer?

The first condition to meet in order to become Alferca’s customer is to be a company related to the wholesale sector manufacturing or distributing our products.

Then, you have a whole range of channels (telephone, web, e-mail) for our sales people to confirm your information and open the account which will facilitate your access to our price lists and special discounts for customers.

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